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St. John Bosco
At The Service of the Less Priviledged Youth

Don Bosco Self Employment Research Institute (DB SERI) is an Institution which stives to educate, teach, train and rehabilitate school-dropout youths including girls and women, with opportunity of wage employment or self employment. It is a development project for the socially, intellectually and economically poor of the society through income generating schemes and various vocational training in collaboration with Government & non-Govenrment organisations, thus helping the under priveledged, to face the challenges of a competitive world of industry, being a contributing member of the society.




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  • To impart knowledge and skills to the youth especially the vagrant, marginalised and school dropouts irrespective of caste, creed, gender and space.
  • To build parternerships with Governments, Corporates, Private sectors, Service sectors, Banks, Financial Institutions and other relevant sectors for helping students in their endeavor.
  • To empower the youth by skilling and helping them to develop their potential so that they could be real asset to the industry and the nation. This in turn will help them to earn a decent salary to support their family and look to their future.

From The Founder's desk

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“For you I live, for you I study, for you I work, for you I am ready to give my life." - St. John Bosco

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